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Injection Molded Nylon/Polypropylene/Stainless Steel
Bulk Display A B Weight Std. Pack Add to List
328112 328112-1 16-3/4" 1/2" .24 5 ea
328114 328114-1 29-7/8" 1/2" .44 5 ea
n/a 328190-1 Nylon Adjustable Flagpole Clips - 1/2" .02 10 pr
n/a 328195-1 Stainless Flagpole Hole Mount Pennant Clips (set of 4) .04 10 sets
n/a 328196-1 Stainless Flagpole Eye Mount Pennant Clips (set of 4) .04 10 sets
n/a 328197-1 Nylon Flagpole Pennant Mounts & Stainless Clips (set of 2) .08 10 ea

These Adjustable Bow Form Flagpoles attach flags using nylon pennant mounts with spring wire quick release clips designed to hold their shape through continued use. Both pennant mounts can move either direction on the flagpole, allowing flexibility in mounting various sizes of flags where the eyelets of the flag are less than the overall length of the flagpole. Maximum speed 10 MPH. Constructed of highly polished, corrosion resistant, heavy wall, stainless steel tubing.