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Tin Plated Copper/Injection Molded Nylon
Bulk Display AWG Color Qty. Per Bag Listed Weight Std. Pack Add to List
429110H 429110H-1 22-18 Red 100/6 UL/CSA 1.00/.06 5 bag/10 sets
n/a 429110H-2 22-18 Red 25 UL/CSA .25 10 sets
429130H 429130H-1 16-14 Blue 100/6 UL/CSA 1.00/.06 5 bag/10 sets
n/a 429130H-2 16-14 Blue 25 UL/CSA .25 10 sets
429150H 429150H-1 12-10 Yellow 100/6 UL/CSA 1.00/.06 5 bag/10 sets
n/a 429150H-2 12-10 Yellow 25 UL/CSA .25 10 sets

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors are designed to transfer electrical current. Most commonly used to connect or splice two wires together to lengthen, change, or repair an electrical circuit. Frequently used during product installation to eliminate soldering the wire joint. Pliable when crimping, the insulation also offers superior heat and deformation resistance. Transparent insulation allows for easy inspection of wire connections. These connectors benefit from the addition of heat shrink insulation, protecting against moisture and vibration, preventing corrosion and accidental wire pull-out, and significantly increasing the longevity and dependability of the connection. Industry standard color-coding indicates wire size range. Constructed of injection molded nylon insulation and tin plated copper solid barrel for maximum conductivity and holding strength.