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Bulk Display Clamcleat® # A B C Rope Size Finish Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
002570 002570-1 CL257 2-5/8" 1-13/32" 7/8" 3/16"-1/4" Silver #8 FH .06 10 ea
002570UG n/a CL257UG Upgrade Kit (Cam & Screw only) .01 1 ea

The Auto-Release cleat provides the neatest and best solution to the problem of how to lock-down a rudder blade yet allow it to flip-up if it hits the bottom or a solid obstacle in the water. The cleat holds ropes securely yet will release them immediately when the cleat is overloaded. Once tripped, it can be easily reset in seconds by just pushing the cleat back down into its base. The CL257 is also fitted with an adjustable cam so that the release tension can be set to suit the boat and local conditions. The cam is adjusted until the rudder blade is held down reliably under maximum sailing conditions. The CL257 will then be set so that the least strain is put on the rudder if it hits an obstacle. The CL257 can be fitted to virtually all lifting tillers and can also be used to protect center boards (please view fitting instructions) The cleat has received an upgrade to the cam and screw to enhance performance in challenging applications. There is an upgrade kit available for models prior to January 2005 (CL257UG).