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Bulk Display Clamcleat® # A B C Rope Size Finish Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
002680 002680-1 CL268 1-3/4" 15/16" 1/2" 3/64"-5/32" Silver #4 FH .02 10 ea
002685 002685-1 CL268AN 1-3/4" 15/16" 1/2" 3/64"-5/32" Anodized #4 FH .02 10 ea
008230 008230-1 Tapered Pad .01 10 ea

Small, neat and lightweight. Advanced tooth technology to hold all types of small rope. Applications include Canoes (seat & rudder lines); Dinghy control lines; Kite Surfing (5th line adjustment). Manufactured from aluminum for a light weight and durable performance the CL268 is available in two finishes: 1. CL268 has a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating. 2. CL268AN has a hard anodized finish to give a hard wearing surface. A nylon versions is also available - CL263, as well as a variation with becket CL270 A larger versions is also available - CL211 Mk2.