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HDPE/304 Stainless
Bulk Display Clamcleat® # A B C (Rope Size) Finish Weight Std. Pack Add to List
TBD TBD-1 PT524 3/4" 13/16" 1/4" Black .02 10 ea

The Clamcleat® PT524 is a Stopper Ball that uses a screw to clamp the ball in the middle of a rope. Originally designed for 6mm (1/4") ropes that are used on Kitesurf brake lines, it also works well on running rigging. We always advise fitting a PT524 stopper ball on kitesurf brake lines. This was designed to absorb shock between the CL826-11 Aero Cleat and the bar, if the bar is released abruptly in difficult conditions and hits hard against the base of the cleat. The stainless steel screw is tightened using a 3mm allen key. It bites into the tube or rope and holds the ball securely in place. The ball is adjustable along the rope by simply loosening the screw and moving the ball to a new position. The ball is made of impact resistant material, which makes it ideal for use on kitesurf brake lines, to protect the CL826-11 cleat and other fittings. 5/16"-3/8" line size also available.