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Injection Molded Nylon
Bulk Display Clamcleat® No. Description Length Width Rope Size Finish Weight Std. Pack Add to List
007190 n/a CL719 Trucker Hitch Cleat 5-1/2" 1-1/8" 3/16"-1/4" Black .16 1 ea

An aerial cleat that rigs like the trucker's hitch / waggoner's hitch. # Easy to use, can be fastened and released with one hand and operated from a distance. # Low cost system, compared to other ways of lifting very long items in confined spaces. # Non-conductive for electrical applications. # Rear fairlead secures rope tail. # Uses a single piece of rope. # Safe working load of 150kg (350lb) with good quality 6mm (1/4") ropes. Developed by Clamcleats Ltd for Fisco International of Japan. The CL719 is used to lift heavy duty power and data cables into position, prior to permanent fixing. A number of cleats are used to lift and support long cables. Cables can be lifted without the use of machinery in areas with limited access. Each cleat can be tensioned from ground level, so a couple of people can install very long cables. A very similar use is for suspending hydroponics lights and equipment. Items can be lifted up, adjusted and positioned securely. The CL719 rig is also being used for steadying machinery during installation. Machines are accurately adjusted and positioned before beings bolted down. The CL719 can be supplied on its' own, or with rope. Samples are available for industrial trials. Safe working load using 6mm (1/4") rope is150kg 650lb .