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Stamped 304 Stainless Steel
Bulk Display A B C Vent Area Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
331340 331340-1 7" 5-3/4" 2-1/4" 7.51 in2 #6 RH .58 1 ea/10 ea
331350 331350-1 7-1/2" 6-3/4" 2-7/8" 12.02 in2 #6 RH .79 1 ea/10 ea

These Clam Shell Vents provide splash protection for vent holes, wire/cable runs, or blower-exhaust hose openings. Can be used for cabin ventilation with the addition of a dorade box. Ideal for applications where a taller vent would foul lines or restrict crew movement. Constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stamped stainless steel. Installs with five #6 RH fasteners (not included).