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Stainless Steel/Plastic Housing
Bulk Display A B C D Max. Door Thickness Finish Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
225300 225300-1 1-15/16" 1-7/8" 2-1/16" 1" 1" Stainless #6 RH .20 5 ea
224320 n/a Replacement Strike Plate-Flat .01 10 ea
224321 n/a Replacement Strike Plate-90° .01 10 ea

Push Button Rim Latch housings feature a streamlined, positive action closure, ensuring cabinets and drawers stay closed until the button is deliberately pushed. Suitable for left-side or right-side use. Mortise mount for a sleek, finished appearance. Constructed of sturdy plastic with a corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel knob. Latch installs with two #6 RH fasteners, strike plates require two #4 FH fasteners (fasteners not included). Display version comes with both flat and 90° strike plates for inset or overlay mounting. When ordering bulk, please order strike plates (224320 flat, or 224321 90°) separately. Hole spacing on flat strike plate (224320) is 1-7/8". Hole spacing on 90° strike plate (224321) is 1-3/16". For OEM applications, varying combinations of rosette/buttons are available.