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Injection Molded Nylon
Bulk Display A B C D E Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
329100 329100-1 5-5/8" 2-1/2" 3-5/8" 1-7/8" 2-15/16" 1/4" FH .44 10 ea

Injection molded from UV stabilized nylon with dual swiveling mounts for full adjustability. The design incorporates several features not available on other antenna mounts. The open base design allows the antenna wire to be fed directly through the base eliminating the need for a separate cable outlet and reduces the potential for areas of water leakage. The control knob allows for quick and easy adjustment and reduces the possibility of mooring lines, fishing lines and other lines getting caught on the handle. It will accept any standard antenna with 1" - #14 threads. See other antenna mounts/bases on other pages in this chapter under part numbers: 327140, 329500, 329510 and 329520.