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Distributor Trade Shows

These shows are for dealers only and are not open to the public.

Show Name Date Location
Hannay's Inc. 9/12–9/13/2017 Alexandria, MN
IBEX 9/19–9/21/2017 Tampa, FL
US Distributing 9/24–9/25/2017 Portland, OR
Lorenz & Jones 9/25–9/26/2017 Las Vegas, NV
Northern Marine 9/27/2017 Red Wing, MN
Seattle Marine 9/28/2017 Lynnwood, WA
Ellett Brothers Road Show 10/1–10/31/2017 Chapin, SC
LFS 10/3/2017 Tulalip, WA
Land n' Sea (Bell) 10/5–10/6/2017 Wisconsin Dells, WI
Marine Wholesale 10/11/2017 Palm Springs, CA
Western Marine 10/13/2017 Vancouver, BC
Land n' Sea (DMP) 10/19–10/20/2017 Las Vegas, NV
UMMA 10/20/2017 St. Louis, MO
CC Marine 10/22–10/23/2017 Markham, ON
Keller 10/24–10/25/2017 Lancaster, PA
Vita Plate 10/25/2017 Port Clinton, OH
Mesco/Seacoast 11/1–11/2/2017 Atlantic City, NJ
Kimpex 11/1–11/2/2017 Quebec City, QB
Land n' Sea 11/1–11/2/2017 Sandusky, OH
Paynes 11/4–11/6/2017 Victoria, BC
Morgan Recreational 11/6–11/7/2017 Verona, NY
Paxton 11/9/2017 Virginia Beach, VA
METS 11/14–11/16/2017 Amsterdam
Fisheries Supply 11/16/2017 Seattle, WA
Land n' Sea (Kellogg) 11/16–11/17/2017 Old Lyme, CT
Work Boat 11/29–12/1/2017 New Orleans, LA